IPSY Bag | April 2016

IPSY | April 2016 Glam Bag

Ipsy is an online beauty subscription where you sample five different products (mascara, eyeshadows, etc.) mailed in a collectible bag. There’s a lovely theme each month and the products you receive are personalized according to your answers in a quiz, which is taken at the beginning of the subscription.

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday ❤

Ingrid, where have you been?! I know, I know. I haven’t posted in what feels like an eternity, but fear not my friend. I’m back now with an exciting ipsy bag to share and will be posting every Friday from here on out!

This month’s theme is “The Dreamers” and according to the ipsy website, this glam bag is meant to “create looks that celebrate every side of your unique beauty-from natural and understated to high fashion and ultra-glam.” As you can see below, the glam bag I received has warm tones on the front and cool tones on the back. I noticed the glam bags all have a similar tie-dye design, but there’s slight variations. For example, my lovely mother received her glam bag and it’s completely cool toned on both sides. So, if you received a glam bag from ipsy this month, chances are it’s unique for you.

The products I received April 2016:

  1. C427 Duo Fiber Blush Brush by Crown Brush – You should know, I’m a total sucker for quality brushes. Since the two brushes I’ve received from ipsy work great, I was excited to try out this new one [the C427 Crown Brush]. The bristles on the brush serve their purpose for blush (and highlight) application, but the grip on the handle feels odd when in use.
  2. Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Eyeliner by Skinn Cosmetics – I actually do not own a nude eyeliner, so it was a real treat to find this one in April’s glam bag. The eyeliner is retractable, something I prefer for liners, and it glides on the waterline fairly well. Sadly, I feel the longevity of the product isn’t ideal, lasting only a couple of hours.
  3. LipSurgence lip crème (in Wonder) by Tarte Cosmetics – First off, the shade is absolutely lovely for the spring and summer. Kudos to Tarte for creating this color! The lip crayon is very creamy, glides on the lips beautifully, and lasts for a few hours. There is a bit of transfer with this lippy, but it works well as a cheek stain.
  4. NOMAD x Marrakesh Intense Eyeshadow (in Desert Sands) by Nomad Cosmetics – I honestly wasn’t expecting from this product, because I’ve had terrible luck with glittery eyeshadows in the past. I kept an open mind though and was pleasantly impressed. The color is more on the gold side and the eyeshadow has a great color-payoff.
  5. Argan Oil Extra Deep Hair Care Cream by Novex – (not displayed) The Argan Oil Hair Care Cream comes in a small jar-like container with a reasonable amount of product. The smell was more too prominent for my taste and I found it didn’t do much for my hair. It claims to help with frizz and improve shine, so I’ll continue to try it out and keep you updated.

Crown Brush | C427 Duo Fiber Blush BrushBright Eyes Eye Enhancing EyelinerTarte and Nomad CosmeticsLip Creme in wonder and Desert Sands Eyeshadow

Sincerely, Ingrid Nicole

View last months Ipsy glam bag here!

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