Bath & Body Works Haul – PART TWO


    PART TWO – Shower Gel and Body Lotion


Happy Monday everyone! Last week I shared Part One of my Bath & Body Works haul and as promised, today will be part two! During the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale, I purchased some old favorites (details in part one) and a few NEW products I never tried before.

At the time of the Semi-Annual Sale, most of their seasonal winter line products were on sale, so there wasn’t much left by the time I got there. I stumbled upon the Snowkissed Sugar line though and instantly fell in love with its sweet wintery scent. It’s a great mixture of sugar, chilled coconut, and vanilla orchid. There was just a single bottle of the shower gel remaining and something along the lines of, “I am the chosen one,” and “It’s meant to be,” crossed my mind when I picked it up.

I purchased both the Snowkissed Sugar Shower Gel and Snowkissed Body Lotion, which is now my go-to winter dynamic duo, during the sale. These products are great for the skin since they’re both infused with Shea and Vitamin E. The shower gel provides a bubbly lather and a pleasant fragrance when in use. And Unlike other lotions, the Snowkissed Sugar Body Lotion doesn’t leave my skin sticky or greasy. The formula is soft on the skin and keeps it hydrated for most of the day after application. These products are part of the seasonal lines though, so it could be difficult to track down now if you’re interested. Good luck!

Next time: Part 3 of the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale haul

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Bath & Body Works Haul – PART ONE


    PART ONE – Hand Soaps and Candles


Hello everyone and welcome to the Ingrid Nicole: Alive & Living blog! During the holidays, I took a much needed break from the (occasionally stressful!) college life by traveling to the great Salt Lake City, Utah. I was able to spend quality time with family and experienced magical snowy winter days. I live in a part of California where snow is rarely seen, so waking up to a lovely town covered in a blanket of snow was quite exciting.

While in Utah, I did a “little” shopping with family relatives. Station Park, a plaza filled with different attractions, was by far one of the greatest shopping destinations during my visit. There was a wide range of shops at Station Park, but Bath & Body Works’ large and bright “Semi-Annual Sale” signs drew me in. The store was up to 75% off select items and I found myself purchasing some old favorites and picking up new things.


My all-time favorite hand soaps are from Bath & Body Work’s Gentle Foaming line, which contains Aloe and Vitamin E. The formula washes away impurities without drying out my skin (great for the winter) and there’s several fragrances to choose from. It looks like a liquid hand soap but when you go to pump the product out, it turns into foam. Above are the three fragrances I routinely purchase: Kitchen LemonEucalyptus Mint, and Peach Bellini. I picked up two of each during the semi-annual sale and discovered they also carry these same fragrances in a different line, Deep Cleansing, which is an exfoliating bead-like soap.

The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale also included some of their three-wick candles. I had purchased the Oahu Coconut Sunset last summer because of it’s subtle sweet tiger lily scent. I thought the ombre design was unique and so wanted to buy another one. My Bath & Body Works store back home didn’t carry the Hawaii line anymore so when I found it hidden behind other candles during the sale, I was thrilled! I’m not sure if Bath & Body Works will continue the Hawaii line but you can find some great deals here!

Next week: Part 2 of the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale haul

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