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Hello everyone! Happy Monday ❤

I’m finally done with all my [University] finals and have started Spring Break today! Since I now have more time on my hands, I decided to attend to projects I’ve put aside due to school. A much needed break is also needed so I won’t be posting next week. I have good news though! Because I feel much more comfortable blogging and have created an ideal blogging schedule (new posts every Tuesday), I joined Instagram!

Instagram | Alive & Living

Instagram is another creative outlet that anyone can use to build their online presence. It’s especially useful for bloggers because it allows them to share their thoughts and ideas visually, capturing moments while growing their readership. You can find my Instagram here and I plan to incorporate it into my blogging routine. Expect motivational quotes, fashion inspiration, and more!

Do you have an Instagram for your blog? I would love to check it out and others will too! Link it below ❤

Sincerely, Ingrid Nicole
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New Year’s Resolutions | Alive & Living


Happy New Year everyone! New Year, New Me?

I’m constantly hearing both family and friends say, “New year, new me!” and I find their enthusiasm about this motivating. I don’t think you need to create a completely new self for the new year to be “successful” though, but setting goals for yourself at the beginning of the year can be extremely helpful. Think of the new year as the beginning of a new chapter in your life. The pages are blank, so you can write in what you envision for yourself. Personally, I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished in the past year and for my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions, I kept it simple. Three things I wish to complete by the end of the year is:

  1. Read a book every month from different genres.
  2. Blog AND write about anything and everything everyday.
  3. Learn a recipe (and cook it!) at least once a month.

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