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Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday ❤

Not too long ago, I was nominated for the “Blogger Recognition Award” by Little Beauty Book and very much appreciate the gesture. I am excited to share that I have been nominated by Paige from the blog Currently, Lately for another award. This particular award allows bloggers to share more about themselves, spread the love of blogging, and builds a stronger community. Before I begin, I would like to thank both bloggers who thought of me. You are both too kind.

Award Rules:

You thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! [Then,] share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful)! Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice. Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination.

About Me

  • One of my favorite TV shows is Jane the Virgin, an American telenovela.
  • Eyebrows are such an interesting thing to me, since they frame the face.
  • I’m actually half Spanish and half Peruvian!
  • English Literature and education is what I’m majoring in.
  • A dream of mine is to start an online fashion store.
  • I have two younger brothers and a cute little (not so little) Husky.
  • Aside from writing and artsy activities, I love traveling and learning about new places.


The following sites are absolutely lovely, ranging from fashion to beauty blogs.

  1. Cooking with a Wallflower
  2. Darly Lifestyle Blog
  3. el-esque
  4. Helpless Whilst Drying
  5. It’s Laura Rebecca Jonas
  6. Just Like Heaven
  7. Little Beauty Book
  8. Little Yellow Butterflies
  9. Musings of a Makeup Junkie
  10. Natalie Breuer
  11. Santino Co 
  12. The Bottle Blonde
  13. Tees & Coffee
  15. Thursday in August

Sincerely, Ingrid Nicole

P.S. I post every Tuesday (well, I try too! lol).

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New Year’s Resolutions | Alive & Living


Happy New Year everyone! New Year, New Me?

I’m constantly hearing both family and friends say, “New year, new me!” and I find their enthusiasm about this motivating. I don’t think you need to create a completely new self for the new year to be “successful” though, but setting goals for yourself at the beginning of the year can be extremely helpful. Think of the new year as the beginning of a new chapter in your life. The pages are blank, so you can write in what you envision for yourself. Personally, I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished in the past year and for my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions, I kept it simple. Three things I wish to complete by the end of the year is:

  1. Read a book every month from different genres.
  2. Blog AND write about anything and everything everyday.
  3. Learn a recipe (and cook it!) at least once a month.

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