10 Things You Should Bring To Prom (or any formal event!)

Exactly one year ago, I attended my senior prom with my very best friend. Since the theme was “Enchanted Forest,” inspiration for my prom look came from A) the TV show Once Upon A Time and B) almost every Disney princess movie I had ever seen. Overall, my prom was the kind that you see in the movies. I was surrounded by wonderful people and danced the night away in a beautiful location. Not many people can say that, so I feel fortunate to have such a lovely memory. In honor of my prom, I decided to share today 10 Things You Should Bring To Prom (or any formal event really), which can come in handy if you experience any mishaps and unforeseen events.

10 Things You Must Bring To Prom

1) Beauty essentials (for touch-ups)

Since we all have different skin types and beauty routines, it’s difficult to name a universal beauty product that will work for us all. So, for beauty essentials I suggest bringing the makeup products you may need to use for touch-ups later in the day. For example, it may be your signature red lipstick or simply eyelash glue for your glamorous lashes.

2) Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are the small clips I buy in bulk but one by one magically disappear without a trace. These little hair clips come in handy though, keeping any hairstyle in place. Some stores sell bobby pins in a travel size container, so they don’t run around inside your purse/clutch. You can also pack other types of hair clips and hair ties for your event.

3) Cash

Having cash to spend may be a given, but I feel it’s necessary to mention. Better safe than sorry, right? Maybe you and your people want to take professional pictures at prom (since your school hired a photographer) OR you guys are feeling munchies after the dance is over. You can do those things now because I reminded you to bring money, your welcome.

4) Comfortable Shoes 

Chances are you’re going to be tired after all the standing, walking, and/or dancing. Whether you’re in heels or dress shoes, bring along some comfortable shoes. I know there are some flats that you can fold and store in your purse. It might be worth checking out. You also have the option of placing comfy shoes in your car.

5) Gum or mints

We all like a fresh minty breath, so packing gum or mints may be a good idea.

6) Lip balm

Dry, chapped lips are the worst. If you already carry around your favorite lip moisturizer, kudos to you my friend. Don’t forget to bring lip balm to prom, or any event for that matter, so you don’t have to experience the pain that can comes from chapped lips.

7) Oil blotting Sheets

Since my t-zone is more on the oily side, I make sure to carry blotting sheets wherever I go. When you’re out and about, specifically dancing away at prom, you may get sweaty and run your makeup off. I highly recommend taking some blotting sheets to keep oil at bay and maintain that flawless complexion.

8) Portable phone charger

During prom, there are lots of pictures taken by both parents and friends. You may also take pictures from your phone and have them posted on social media that same night. In order to do so, keep your battery power high with a portable phone charger.

9) Safety pins

I have heard so many prom wardrobe malfunctions stories, such as zippers breaking and gowns tearing. Safety pins will be your best friend in these situations,  so packing a few for prom and other events can save you and/or a friend.

10) Travel-sized deodorant

I feel that no one can go wrong with packing a travel-sized deodorant wherever they go. Just remember to tightly seal the product so it doesn’t open and possibly stain something. The purpose of taking deodorant to events is to smell nice, but this can be accomplished with perfume or cologne. So, pack whatever you like the most my friend.

Sincerely, Ingrid Nicole

P.S. I post every Friday (well I try to! lol).

What lifesaving essentials do you pack for formal events? Share them below!

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IPSY Bag | April 2016

IPSY | April 2016 Glam Bag

Ipsy is an online beauty subscription where you sample five different products (mascara, eyeshadows, etc.) mailed in a collectible bag. There’s a lovely theme each month and the products you receive are personalized according to your answers in a quiz, which is taken at the beginning of the subscription.

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday ❤

Ingrid, where have you been?! I know, I know. I haven’t posted in what feels like an eternity, but fear not my friend. I’m back now with an exciting ipsy bag to share and will be posting every Friday from here on out!

This month’s theme is “The Dreamers” and according to the ipsy website, this glam bag is meant to “create looks that celebrate every side of your unique beauty-from natural and understated to high fashion and ultra-glam.” As you can see below, the glam bag I received has warm tones on the front and cool tones on the back. I noticed the glam bags all have a similar tie-dye design, but there’s slight variations. For example, my lovely mother received her glam bag and it’s completely cool toned on both sides. So, if you received a glam bag from ipsy this month, chances are it’s unique for you.

The products I received April 2016:

  1. C427 Duo Fiber Blush Brush by Crown Brush – You should know, I’m a total sucker for quality brushes. Since the two brushes I’ve received from ipsy work great, I was excited to try out this new one [the C427 Crown Brush]. The bristles on the brush serve their purpose for blush (and highlight) application, but the grip on the handle feels odd when in use.
  2. Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Eyeliner by Skinn Cosmetics – I actually do not own a nude eyeliner, so it was a real treat to find this one in April’s glam bag. The eyeliner is retractable, something I prefer for liners, and it glides on the waterline fairly well. Sadly, I feel the longevity of the product isn’t ideal, lasting only a couple of hours.
  3. LipSurgence lip crème (in Wonder) by Tarte Cosmetics – First off, the shade is absolutely lovely for the spring and summer. Kudos to Tarte for creating this color! The lip crayon is very creamy, glides on the lips beautifully, and lasts for a few hours. There is a bit of transfer with this lippy, but it works well as a cheek stain.
  4. NOMAD x Marrakesh Intense Eyeshadow (in Desert Sands) by Nomad Cosmetics – I honestly wasn’t expecting from this product, because I’ve had terrible luck with glittery eyeshadows in the past. I kept an open mind though and was pleasantly impressed. The color is more on the gold side and the eyeshadow has a great color-payoff.
  5. Argan Oil Extra Deep Hair Care Cream by Novex – (not displayed) The Argan Oil Hair Care Cream comes in a small jar-like container with a reasonable amount of product. The smell was more too prominent for my taste and I found it didn’t do much for my hair. It claims to help with frizz and improve shine, so I’ll continue to try it out and keep you updated.

Crown Brush | C427 Duo Fiber Blush BrushBright Eyes Eye Enhancing EyelinerTarte and Nomad CosmeticsLip Creme in wonder and Desert Sands Eyeshadow

Sincerely, Ingrid Nicole

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IPSY Bag | March 2016

IPSY Bag | March 2016.jpg

Ipsy is an online beauty subscription where you sample five different products (mascara, eyeshadows, etc.) mailed in a collectible bag. There’s a lovely theme each month and the products you receive are personalized according to your answers in a quiz, which is taken at the beginning of the subscription.

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday ❤

My spring break has come to an end, so I am back at University. I can’t believe there are three months left in the school year! Where has the time gone?! As I mentioned in my last post, I took a mini break from blogging so I could spend time with my family on holiday. I received my lovely Ipsy bag during this break and I’m so excited to share it with you all. The theme this month is “Hello Spring” and the glam bag has a fresh floral print. What’s new this time around though, is the bag comes in three different colors (orange, mint, and blue!). I received the lovely orange with mint glam bag, which you can see below, and various beauty products.

The products I received March 2016:

  1. LIP LACQUER Lip Gloss (Socialite) by ModelCo – I normally reach for matte lip products (in natural shades) on a regular basis. Lip glosses and I just don’t get along very well. But when I received this lippy, which promised to be “non-sticky and long-lasting,” I kept an open mind. Sadly, the lip gloss didn’t wear very well throughout the day and I found it pretty sticky. The gloss smells like a fruity candy though and the color is pretty (more orange than red).
  2. Rose Gold Short Shader (Brush 223) by Luxie Beauty – I absolutely love brushes (especially when they’re durable and have soft bristles)! This brush by Luxie has high quality bristles that applies eyeshadow like a dream and is fully vegan. The pink and rose gold brush is cruelty-free and extremely practical.
  3. Step 1 Skin Equalizer (Hydrating Primer) by MAKE UP FOR EVER – The Make Up For Ever primer I received is ideal for normal skin and works to balance the skin’s texture. This is probably the product I was excited to try the most and I wasn’t disappointed. The formula is lightweight, kept my face hydrated, and made my make-up last longer.
  4. Bake Bronzer (Heat Wave) by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics – I like the idea of a baked bronzer with a more natural tone for the spring time, which is what this product was meant for. Unfortunately, the bronzer doesn’t have a great color-payoff and I personally think its better used as highlighter.
  5. Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco by Marc Anthony – This product is used when blow drying your hair and works to keep hair straight (and eliminate frizz!) for up to three days. I hardly ever blow dry my hair so I don’t see myself using this product often. It has a pleasant smell though and leaves your hair very soft.

LIP LACQUER Lip GlossRose Gold Short ShaderStep 1 Skin EqualizerBake Bronzer (Heat Wave).JPGNourishing Argan Oil of Morocco.JPG

Sincerely, Ingrid Nicole

View last months Ipsy glam bag here!

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